Truth be told, I have avoided the blogging craze for years. Like I do with everything, I stayed a step back and observed, mostly without interacting, for the last decade. It is impressive how many insightful people and groups are out there spreading ideas, hopes, and fears; but discouraging how many empty statements and sensationalist ideas are pushed out there as well. Looking for true intelligence and forethought, not just some zany time syncing distraction, is a challenge in this new era of internet hyper-saturation by notions, the good, the bad, and the stupid.

So why join the crowd?

It is a difficult impulse to put my finger on, but I feel as though internet culture is approaching a dramatic shift. As much as I am loathe to “join the crowd”, it feels important that I involve myself. There are ideas and concepts I am not sharing with anyone at all which would undoubtedly help some people, maybe, hopefully. At any rate, not sharing my thoughts certainly isn’t helping anyone. So here’s to being another unique snowflake. An INFJ taboot. Come on. Fire your indignation at me. Tell me I’m just like a million other bloggers. Sure, fine, whatever. You can have your cat videos on Youtube, I’m going to stick to my quirky inner world, and if you don’t like that world, leave! I have no patience for put downs. Get a life.

I do believe I have a unique perspective due to a series of odd events I’ve been dragged through. A lot of painful events as well, but that is true of anyone. No one is exempt from pain. The odd, though… Well, you’ll hear plenty about my odd history as time goes by. While often the bane of my existence, these experiences created the boon of information and associations which brought me here, and hopefully they will be of use to you as well.

What can you expect?

I’m not sure I know the answer to this question. Don’t be surprised if I go into a deep analysis of some anime series and its deeper messages about the world. Pop culture is quite interesting to me, so anything from anime to zebras may well come up. Also be prepared to hear some RPG (Role Playing Game) inspired stat systems (high in INT, a drop in CON, etc.) Myers Briggs is fascinating to me, as are the big 5, astrology (to a degree), and other profiling systems are likely to be brought up quite frequently. Animals, evolution, pet care and behavioral analysis are also close to my heart. Mostly, people, and how people seem to be feeling, the direction they seem to be going. I love to forecast cultural progressions and new technologies. Sci Fi rocks my world.

Feel free to comment or message me regarding suggested topics. I always have something on my mind, but if a suggestion draws me, I will research it more deeply than most, save you some work if nothing else. I’ve been told I’m a great advice giver, so specific problems or issues you are facing are of great interest to me. Hell, ultimately, I’m here to try to help people, so please let me try.

Topic to ponder: Never-ending reboots (can’t wait until Neverending Story gets remade so I can start saying that left and right like the snarky bitch I can be). Monster franchises are common in this era of nostalgia. As a culture, we would appear to have trouble letting go and leaving things in the past, instead continually rehashing ideas to fit the current themes. A world ruled by Fi (internalized feeling) and Te (externalized thought). Where do you think our popular entertainment will go once the nostalgia fades? Or will the nostalgia never fade? Will we always be recycling ideas from 10-50 years ago? Is that just our creative lot in life? It seems to me there is more to it than that, more potential to be grabbed. Your thoughts, please!

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