I wrote this song some time ago, and compared to most of my other songs, it really didn’t require any perfectionizing (so many of my songs get bogged in this endless versioning). This one flowed right from the start and as I recall was done in a single day. I remember reflecting on hope, the inevitability of movement (the horse rune, looking much like the letter M, was an inspiration), and the surety that there is a mission for each of us (a road intended). Blazing thru that road, clomping steadily and ever steadfast forward, these are things are wanted to inspire.

Like most of my songs, this is pulled from experiences during Dreamwalks and Visualizations. The feelings my spirit guide inspires are powerful in here.

If you get something else from it, feel free to let me know. I find myself listening to this song when I need a boost in morale and motivation. It is easy to get bogged down by the weight of the world. This helps to remind me, while it may be incredibly heavy, it is also weightless if I let it be.

Click here to listen on my Youtube Channel.


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