Have a listen if you like. When I wrote this, I was in the middle of a great deal of chaos in my life and darkness inside. Within a month afterward, I launched into the crusade that eventually landed me into the full-time job I still have, attaining the college degree in psychology I always had aspired to, and broke me clear into a more independent life separate from the relationships and perceptions of obligation I had mired myself into up until then.

This song helped to communicate with my Ni/Ti via my Fe softly: “Hey yeah, there’s all these people we want to help here”, moving into Shadow Si: “But we have helped a lot despite our own feelings” (flash across multiple scenes of pain and aggravation trying to help and care). Shadow Ne chimes: How about all those people out there? All the ideas to explore and visions to put out there, the people to save, the mission. Then Shadow Fi chimes in: And more importantly, how about your own destiny? Your own feelings? You are better than all this. *I* have values and feelings to consider here.” Finally, looping back to the primary functions and breaking the “grip” experience I had landed myself in. Technical Jungian babble, sorry if this sounds like code, but my MBTI geeks hopefully get it. And can I just say, when the shadow functions can step up like this, in a positive tone, it can really cause a dramatic shift back to alignment. In fact, I think that is their true purpose.

To those less familiar with cognitive functions, basically, I was in a funk because I had been revolving my life around the needs of others, centering my worth around how happy those around me were and pleased they were with me in their lives. I was in a chaotic place generated by the emotional noise of those directly around me, and whom I had been dependent on (financial hiccup). Then one day, I wrote this song wherein the self, not this false ego of who I thought I needed to be in relation to the world, the actual self came out to play and flipped the priorities. Other people are great, yes, let’s always do what I can to help, but I need to be able to stand on my own two feet first. Simple as that really.

I suppose I hope to inspire others into the epiphany this helped induce in me. While the tunnel vision may lead us to seeing darkness all around us, if we focus ever forward toward that bright and warm vision of the future, we can find light. More literally, we connect back with ourselves, our own visions, and separate ourselves from the transient mood of our direct environment enough to keep moving forward. Even if it means stumbling around in the dark for a time.

Move. Grow. Change. Be.

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