See the video for my thoughts. As far as what I want to put here, well, just this:

Face yourself. Look at the child you are. Never abandon the child within or any children under your care. Look inside and work it out. Vocalize. No more running. No more paying forward the pain of loss and abandonment. I am not putting down this friend in any way, my heart grieves for both her and her daughter, but it is just one more example of how important this work is. This self work. Don’t overlook your darkness. You can’t pretend it away. The only way is to dig deep and really work thru it all, preferably with a qualified and well-trained counselor, particularly if the issues are as severe as in this case. These things must be heard, must be faced, must be owned, or else they will control you and, if possible, end you and leave your loved ones in quite a pickle.

Be strong. Don’t be another volcano. Dive deep. Deactivate the madness. It is the only way to ensure further tragedies like this don’t occur or at least, are severely lessened.

Prayers for her daughter. I pray her father takes responsibility and does what he can to help her thru this horrific experience and loss.

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