1. Cut out any excess indulgences or chemical patches which can block your neural pathways (within safe bounds and with the assistance of a doctor if prescriptions are involved. Some medications may in fact assist in neural communication for you while some may not depending on your unique situation). This includes caffeine, alcohol, marijuana, nicotine, sleep aids, refined sugar, and even excess exercise for endorphin junkies out there. Among other things. You know what your vices are. Be honest with yourself and cut way back. Be brave.
  2. Sit with yourself kindly as much as possible for at least 2-3 weeks until you feel the effects of these excesses wearing off. You should feel on odd sense of clarity of mind, a natural flow that brings back memories of early adulthood or childhood. “Oh yeah, I used to think this way”
  3. For the 2-3 week period, let your dreams do what they will. They may be unpleasant. They will likely be strange and vivid. Keep a dream journal and be watchful of patterns. Acknowledge the underlying issues. Be honest with yourself. Be courageous.
  4. One night when going to bed, put on a binaural beat that resonates with you and calms you but also is ever so slightly distracting. Put it on loop if needed and plan for at least 6 hours of sleep without having to get up to restart it. This will keep you between stages 2 and 3 of sleep for the night between daydreaming and lucid dreaming.
  5. When dreaming, when you find yourself frustrated, sad, angry, or any other unpleasant way, tell yourself and the dream world “Nope, I don’t have to put up with this. It is time to move on.” Put yourself into position to leave, imagine you are Kryptonian or Saiya-jin or Angelic or whatever resonates with you most then and just take off into the skies away from that world.
  6. Let the wind take you to where you feel you need to be and when you sense you are there, let the new dream world envelope you again and pay attention to how things have changed. If this turns sour and cannot be easily corrected, fly again. You never have to endure an inner world that feels wrong or painful to you. Find a safe place where you feel unconditional love around you. 
  7. Repeat as needed until you wake up with a greater sense of who you are and what you want from this life. Then keep doing it anyway whenever you have the energy, and even when you don’t. Aim for at least once a month. Your soul deserves to fly at least once a month.
  8. Be kind to yourself, always.

    Image from cosmicteams.com: http://www.cosmicteams.com/jsa/_new-52/profiles/superman-2-earth-2.html

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