Piggybacking on my Youtube video where I ramble on about my thoughts on divinity, perfection, God, system-adherence, blind faith, and the Anon 12 Steps in relation to these concepts, it felt appropriate to rewrite the traditional 12 steps. If you are interested in the reasoning behind the changes, watch the video. Here are the improved steps, per me and my own take on the world, which includes an extra, extremely important, step to maintaining life as an authentic and non-toxic individual:

Prerequisite Step: Determine the source problem as well as any obvious problems. While the surface issues may require going thru these steps unto themselves, I must stress to you it is more important to ultimately work thru these steps for the larger problem, or else you are just removing a symptom, a symptom quite likely to return if you do not address the driving issue. For instance, you may face the problem of alcoholism, but why do you turn to alcohol? What problem lurks beneath that self-medication? Likely, it involves deep-rooted feelings of worthlessness and lack of confidence bred from childhood trauma (abuse from an alcoholic caregiver, most likely, or someone with some other addictive coping strategy). Those underlying difficulties are a problem unto themselves and working thru these steps for that source issue will likely result in your alcoholism, or any other surface problem, fading away organically. If you remove the core problem, you will not be dependent on self-medication and so you will not need it as a crutch anymore. If you don’t need it anymore, you won’t be drawn to it, and the problem will cease to exist.

The closer to the core issue you can start, the more efficient your healing process will be, with the least risk of relapse. But it is up to you to decide what the larger issue is, and it may be that working thru what you think is the source problem will reveal to you a deeper issue. Be honest with yourself, but be patient as well. We all have our own path to follow, so address what feels appropriate for you right now.

  • Step 1: Admit you need help to move forward and beyond the problem(s) you face
  • Step 2: Acknowledge your own knowledge and experience is not sufficient yet to rise above your problem(s)
  • Step 3: Accept that there is knowledge and experience in existence which can empower you and utilize the tools those provide as you absorb them
  • Step 4: Introspect on your experiences and actions, without judgment or fear, in the interest of obtaining self-understanding and acknowledging self-truth
  • Step 5: Admit to the experiences and actions either accepted by you out of assumption of powerlessness or feigned superiority which were not in alignment with your self-truth according to the code of ethics you uncovered in obtaining self-understanding
  • Step 6: Accept accountability for your actions of the past, and moving forward, in the manifestations of your problem(s) with compassion and understanding
  • Step 7: Seek forgiveness from yourself, particularly those denied and abused aspects, by committing to honor and respect them moving forward
  • Step 8: Express your story and authentic humility, once achieved, to the external world through whatever means calls to you, be it thru creativity, therapy, or any other expressive means
  • Step 9: Communicate this humility to relationships with those whom, you now realize, you did not provide adequate honor and respect due to your problem(s) while maintaining your, now achieved, self-respect
  • Step 10: Follow-thru on your commitment to introspect, accept, understand, forgive, and take accountability for any mistakes in your day-to-day life while maintaining your self-respect
  • Step 11: Accept that there is always more knowledge and experience to absorb to support you, and commit to never succumb to the complacency your improvements can inspire
  • Step 12: Share your insights with anyone and everyone seeking help with utmost care to honor and respect their individual path toward self-improvement while maintaining the understanding that you are not responsible for their problem(s)
  • Step 13: If, under any circumstances, you find yourself using your improved morale and level of understanding to behave like a self-righteous asshole or self-denying martyr, your enlightenment was a fleeting facade. Return to Step 1.

Image from http://vermontdeadline.blogspot.com/2016/01/my-name-is-bill.html

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