So… I just listened to various CNN shows where Trump was frequently referred to as an idiot and heavily implied to be a racist. Then I go to Fox and hear Ingraham incredulous that Trump is being implicated further as a racist for giving a post-humous medal of freedom to Elvis Presley… to which I responded “Trump gave out medals of freedom? That wasn’t mentioned before today in any of the news I’ve heard.” I then go look it up and listen to it all. Pretty tidy affair. Good vibes. And the recipients include:

Miriam Adelson, an Israeli-American who fled Poland with her parents in WWII, who became a doctor who dedicated her life mostly to fighting substance-abuse. She is Jewish, and assisted with Jewish foundations as well, helping Jews to visit the holy land. She is also married to a casino owning billioinaire who routinely contributes to Republican campaigns, including over 100 million to the 2018 election.

Orrin Hatch, a Republican, who grew up poor and voted on the bank bailouts (but admitted some regret about it), was involved in some dubious financial/fiscal dealings I don’t like, and was quite the anti-gay in the 70s, but turned around and supported them in the last decade… so… not the best, but not the worst. An easy one to knock for being anti-gay nonetheless.

Alan Page, an African American man who went from being a pro football player to being a supreme court judge of Minnesota and continues to run a foundation to support black youth.

Antonin Scalia, you probably don’t need me to tell you who he is. Textualist constitution supreme court judge who basically wrote the modern Republican manifesto of values (No, abortion isn’t a right, no you can’t give special privilege to minorities, etc.). An easy one to knock for anti-minority in general, though my feelings are mixed on that argument.

Roger Staubach, a conservative football star who served in Vietnam and went on to create a successful real estate business. Fairly standard conservative capitalist as far as I can tell.

Babe Ruth, the baseball star of legend.

Elvis Presley, the rock star of legend, who also voluntarily served in the army even when he was offered preferential treatment.

So then reading further… I see a number of liberal articles which point out how the other most controversial on the list, is the Jewish lady because she’s married to the rich casino dude who contributes to Republicans… Okay. So let me get this straight, you have Orrin Hatch, a reluctantly turned face once anti-gay Mormon white dude, and Antonin Scalia, who could be argued helped setback the agenda of furthering minority rights and privileges for decades, and the most available media is discussing the inappropriateness of awarding a Jewish woman (because her husband bought it for her apparently, and her non-profit foundations and history of substance abuse research and care means nothing it would seem), and to Elvis Presley (for culturally appropriating “black” music for his own success, apparently, even though he helped move forward the success of the same genre and all successive genres). What the hell?
Now don’t get me wrong, I’m on the fence when it comes to Scalia. I prefer textualist viewpoints as a rule. I don’t like the idea of splitting everybody into tribes via post-modern assumptions of oppression. I think the government and legislating bodies should stay out of pretty much all of it, including marriage. But… as a centrist, I can certainly see the argument against Scalia from a more liberal point of view. He stands for everything your standard liberal will cast as horrifically bigoted: Anti Gay Marriage, Anti Abortion, Anti Minority Restitution, you get the gist. But I find out from news outlets that the awards happened at all from a criticism that arose from the Washington Post about how choosing Elvis is somehow racist? And then go on to find out the REAL gripe everyone has is with the Jewish doctor lady? What in the actual hell?
And here’s the Washington Post going after Elvis:
Funny enough, it seems Yahoo India news also posted a criticism post about this, but promptly removed it. At least someone realized it was probably a dumb thing to give any credence to:–
Any guesses what these are about? I guess it’d be because their primary effort is to take down Trump, and since the mid-terms were assisted by the Jewish lady and her husband, that means he is a bad man who gives out awards to those who help him, not based on merit. Even though she seems to have merit, and is part of one of the protected minorities liberals tend to fight for. I know I have anyway. Is this what happens when journalists’ primary objective is twisted into taking someone down versus serving the population? It sure looks that way. Otherwise, we should be seeing the “terrors of Scalia” plastered across the internet and papers instead, right? I mean sure, taking down Trump, I get it, it’s a thing right now for y’all, but you’d take down a Jewish lady that easily could’ve died in the holocaust but landed as a successful and charitable conservative doctor, to take down Trump, rather than go after Scalia who directly held back various progressive movements?
I think, Mr. Liberal News, you have lost your way. Be anti-Trump all you want, but remember your priorities, and stop grabbing at any little shred you can to attack Trump. Stabbing yourselves in the foot. It’s only going to push reasonable liberals and centrists like myself further away from supporting or trusting anything you have to say, and help turn the country into a group of radical Trump-haters and radical Trump-lovers. And I really hate when people polarize everything. I’m not defending Trump. He polarizes too. But I am incriminating you for doing the same. Especially since you are also acting like hypocritical egotists.
And Fox news, stop going after every stupid article or thing that a liberal says and blowing it up into seeming like something all liberals think. That is equally polarizing.
Not that I have an opinion or anything.

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